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Svaha's Amazing Customer: Beverly Hawkins

by Eva Everett February 21, 2019

Today we are featuring one of are most awesome customers, Beverly Hawkins!  She is a science and math teacher. Here is our interview with Beverly.
What is your favorite STEAM topic?
That is a tough one. Honestly, the longer I teach, the more into physics, chemistry, genetics, electricity & magnetism, sound & light, and matter & energy I get!  I used to teach astronomy and life cycles of plants and animals, as well.  They all excite me!
What do you do for a living & what do you do for fun?
I am a 7/8 Science & Math teacher at a small rural school in Maine.  I love to teach, read, run, sail, . . . .
How did you first find out about Svaha?
I am pretty sure it was through FB, although I can't swear to that.
What is your favorite Svaha item that you own?
Again, a tough one.  I love all of my dresses and shirts!!
What made you fall in love with our brand?
You can't go wrong with the STEAM theme, but I also fell for the fact that the material is organic cotton.  Oh yeah, and the pockets!
What is the best compliment you've ever received when you were wearing Svaha?
"I love that dress!   Where did you get it?"  Well, actually, people think I'm wearing skirts because I top all my dresses with sweaters, especially during the colder months. 
What would you like to tell our other customers?  
I love to be excited about what I'm wearing.   

Eva Everett
Eva Everett


Eva is the Co-Founder of Svaha Apparel. Eva started off her career as a research scientist in Molecular Biology & Neuroscience, then decided to leave STEM fields to take her career down a new path. She has spent over 10 years in Customer Experience and e-Commerce Operations. She is the former head of Customer Experience at ThinkGeek. Eva is the proud mother of 4 children who constantly inspire her with their creativity and imagination. She is a marathon runner and heavy coffee drinker.

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