Thank You NY Times: Let’s call them kids’ clothing!

by Jaya Iyer September 05, 2018

Svaha was started when I could not find an Astronaut t-shirt for my daughter, who wanted to grow up to be an astronaut. Yes, I was able to find an astronaut t-shirt in the boy’s section of an online retail store. She wore it happily. But, it bothered me a LOT. Why was it okay for me to show my daughter that an astronaut on a shirt was only for boys or that girls could not have a blue shirt? My daughter loves to wear my son’s hand-me-downs. It makes her happy to do that. But then, she also wants those designs on her favorite so called “girly” colors.

My company was recently mentioned by New York times in this article. It was interesting to see so many very different opinions of this article. For example: Why can you not just buy clothes from the boy’s department? But my question is, why have a boys and a girls department? Why should gender define what little kids wear? Why not just say “Kids’ department” and call it a day?

We make clothes that teach kids something. Our clothes are educational and gender neutral. We are proud of it. We are proud of not differentiating our products based on gender. We love the support of customers and all the love we receive from them for the same.

We hope that more stores join us soon and get rid of the gender stereotyping!

Jaya Iyer
Jaya Iyer


Jaya Iyer is originally from India, however she was inspired live the American Dream. She moved to the US from India carrying nothing but a backpack of her belongings along with a mountain of ambition. She worked hard to obtain a Ph.D. in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State University. She has taught Fashion buying and wrote a textbook on Fashion in Emerging Markets which is widely used in universities. She also worked in apparel manufacturing and exporting. She is the former apparel buyer for the cult-favorite store, ThinkGeek. Thanks to inspiration from her daughter, Jaya founded Svaha and became determined to change the landscape of apparel. Jaya is the proud mother of 2 young children and enjoys nurturing her children’s interests through fashion, adventures, science, and social responsibility. She is a world traveler and an artist.

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