The Story of Svaha's Birth!

My three year old daughter wants to grow up to be an astronaut!The reason she wants to be an astronaut is because she wants to blast off into space and see the rings of Saturn up close! It is not a passing thought; she's been on it for over a year now. All her toys take off vertically like a space shuttle after she gets done counting down for the take-off. As a parent, I have done my bit to encourage her dreams. I've taken her to the National Air and Space Museum so she could see a real space shuttle, read her stories about real astronauts (such as Sally Ride and Kalpana Chawla), and shown her pictures of the moons of Saturn. And then came the ask for a T-shirt with an astronaut on it! Guess what? I could not find a single girl's T-shirt with an astronaut on it. She also wanted a T-shirt with Saturn on it. I couldn't find that, either. I ended up buying a boy's t-shirt for her. This prompted me to look for other themes that I saw my daughter asking me for … and there was nothing. I figured I'd fill the gap. And so, Svaha Inc. was born!
I am apparel professional, a mother, an author, an entrepreneur, and an adventurer! I grew up in India, and then moved to the US to get my MS (University of Georgia) and Ph.D (Iowa State University) in merchandising. I have taught Fashion Buying, and authored a book on retailing in emerging markets. I then worked as an apparel buyer for an on-line retail store. Now, my kids and my husband are the center of my world!
My new line of clothing, which will start with t-shirts, looks to deliver you the solution you've been looking for! With my new business venture, I am looking to give our daughters T-shirts that are not only unique, special, and distinctive but also are pretty, vibrant and thrilling. They have designs that you can't find in stores - designs girls will be proud and eager to wear! I decided to launch this company to create a line of T-shirts for girls to fix what I see as a significant gender bias that exists in the kids' apparel industry. My first set of T-shirts is a line for girls. Having worked as a clothing buyer for an online store, I have the end to end experience of what it takes to make and sell T-shirts. Over time, I believe I can extend to add more lines that include bodysuits, shorts, leggings, skirts, and dresses, as well as cater to babies and at some point, boys too. I have big dreams for this company and an amazing team! Watch out for us!

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