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Long Galaxy Necklace


Ready to sail your starship across the sea of stars? We’ve got you covered - in galaxies! Behold the latest additions for your southern hemisphere: the whirlpool galaxy M51, the cigar galaxy M82, the barred spiral galaxy NGC-1300, and the “Spanish Dancer”, a spiral galaxy designated NGC-1566. While the closest of them is 12 million light years away, you’ll be starstruck with this beauty in your orbit! FTL drive not included.

Product Specifications 

  • 1X Long Galaxy Necklace 
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, photos, glass domes, resin
  • Orb size: 0.5"
  • Chain Material: Brass colored alloy with lobster claw clasp
  • Chain Size: approximately 24" in length
  • Imported

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