Apatosaurus Dinosaur Sterling Silver Necklace

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More dinos, more better! This time we’re all about sauropods, a clade of dinos known for big stumpy legs, long tails and even longer necks. Some of the species date back to the early Jurassic period and are considered to be the largest creatures to have ever walked on the earth. The long necks served these dinos well, permitting them to reach all the best leaves on the trees which they surely must have consumed tons of throughout their lives. You don’t have to travel back to a land before time to see their majesty though, you can wear it around with you!

Product Specifications

  • Apatosaurus dinosaur necklace
  • Material: .925 sterling silver 
  • Color: Silver
  • Chain length: 18"
  • Pendant size: height is 16mm (0.63"), width is 14mm (0.55"), thickness is 1mm
  • Made in the US

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