STEAM Fabric Swatches

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A frequent request is for us to offer rolls of fabric so that everyone can make their own garments with our designs. While this isn't feasible for us due to importing heavy materials overseas, we are happy to now offer 9x7 swatches that use our designs! These rectangles are made of slightly thinner knit fabric than our dresses, but are still thick enough to sew together for a limitless number of projects!

Once a design sells out, it's gone forever, so be sure to grab what you like while you can!

Product Specifications

  • STEAM knit fabric swatches
  • Size: 9"x7"
  • Different prints: Space race, atomic models, Viva la vida flowers, number doodles,  draw your sword, pterosaurs, patent, dreidel, creepy creatures, music synesthesia, power tools, mice maze, Bentley snowflakes, bicycles

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