Jellyfish Earrings

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate our favorite cnidarian champions, the jellyfish. These aquatic umbrellas are quite possibly members of the oldest multi-organ animal group, having been in existence for 500 million years at the very least, potentially up to 700 million! It’s interesting to imagine that their lives on average are so short at about 1-3 years but have been around longer than we have, but these beautiful friends live full and meaningful lives and just watching them flit about the seas can lighten your heart for even just a few moments.

Product Specifications

  • Jabebo Studio jellyfish dangle hook earrings
  • The base material is made from cereal box cardboard (how cool is that?)
  • Made from surgical steel earring hangers
  • Includes rubber backing
  • Cereal boxes are sourced locally
  • Color: Pink
  • Made in the US at the Jabebo Studio
  • Penny used solely for size comparison

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