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Now reading: Organize your closet, make space for Space!

Organize your closet, make space for Space!

Organize your closet, make space for Space!

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the fashion retailer Svaha. Its ongoing mission, to explore wonderful new subjects. To seek out new trends and new fashionable statements. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Outer space is an incredibly hard subject to discuss because there’s so much to it. Sure you could fire a bullet and it would never stop unless it hit something, but that shouldn’t suggest that space is empty, much less a perfect vacuum. Space is filled with solar winds, dust, gas, radiation, light, neutrinos, and many other factors that make it really hard to quantify much of the known universe, seen or unseen.

Carl Sagan is famously quoted as saying “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” The idea behind the phrase is really meant to highlight and challenge the most basic levels of understanding that we take for granted. Making something from scratch is to make it from nothing, but apple pies are made from wheat, apples, and sugar mostly which are far from nothing. This is a gross oversimplification of how much study really goes into understanding where we truly come from and where we hope to go, to say nothing at all of quantum theory.

For as well as we understand that we understand very little, we here at Svaha aren’t physicists, theoretical or otherwise, but our base recognition of the absolute scope of knowledge required to search the stars gives us a much better appreciation for those that have taken these insurmountable tasks upon their shoulders, and we would honor them and their chosen field in the only way we really know how: by looking absolutely stellar!

Webb’s Deep Field Collection

On Christmas day of 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into the sky, a bold and innovative new means of photographing the stars using infrared imaging, which was sure to catch far more detail much further, and closer, than ever before. Several months later in July of 2022, NASA in collaboration with CSA and ESA unveiled the first retrieved images from the project, among which is the now-famous deep field image. This gravitationally-lensed view of the sky gives us a look at star systems 4.6 billion light years away, and some of those distant galaxies up to 13.1 billion. The project functions even better than original projections had thought it would, and it makes for a truly monumental step forward in the scientific community. To celebrate, we’ve put this historic image on a variety of garments for all to wear; tops, dresses and cardigans, the latter of which of course equipped with pockets so deep, the stars themselves may fall into them. Pick out your favorite right here!

Explore New Worlds Collection

Whether we were inspired by fact or fiction, many of us grew up with or still hold the dream of exploring the cosmos, finding new mysteries to unravel, even finding new life and new planets. That future may be closer than we realize! The Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University is leading the study of three exoplanets that we’re able to see in detail by using today’s telescope technology. The nature of galactic discovery is often exceptionally slow so who is to say we discern anything truly enlightening in our lifetime, but it’s still an exciting prospect! Exciting enough for us to make a line of clothing centered around that very dream. Check out the Explore New Worlds collection, there’s something for you whether you’re a kid or an adult, so long as you’re still a dreamer!

Constellations Collection

For anyone who has followed us for more than about 15 minutes, this is a collection that needs no special introduction. Since the early days of Svaha, our glow-in-the-dark constellation clothes and accessories have been one of our most popular collections, and who wouldn’t see why? Nothing beats wearing the stars and taking some of their glow with you wherever you go. Whether you’re feeling a dress, a cardigan, or something the kids can wear, we’ve got you covered! We've even brought back the super comfortable hoodie blankets. Search the stars for your favorite and launch your wardrobe into the next level.

Beyond Earth Skirt

Here’s a newer one for y’all! The design on this skirt is inspired by the many missions that have launched into space to help attain a better understanding of the universe around us. The silhouettes are of satellites and ships such as Pioneer and Voyager, and their placement is a rough approximation of how far out those missions made it. How many of them can you name on sight alone? Pick up this skirt here and tell all your friends about the many projects that have gotten us to where we are today!

Space Race Collection

Two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, raced to prove that they were superior in technological and military might. Both the Soviet Union and the United States took steps toward launching into space, and the race concluded when the US put a man on the moon. When the commanders of the Soviet craft Soyuz and the American craft Apollo officially greeted each other, their “handshake in space” served to symbolize the gradual improvement of the U.S.-Soviet relations in the late Cold War era. Past triumphs do not excuse present atrocities, but once upon a time there was common ground found in the pursuit of knowledge and we like to hope that one day we’ll find it again. Let this collection serve as a beacon of hope for that day, and race to pick it up here!

Moon Phases Yoga Pants

Wanna show off your love of the moon on the go? We’ve got you covered there as well with these yoga pants. The phases of the moon run down each leg from just above the knee down to the ankle. Like all of our yoga pants, these boast a flattering and comfortable fit and come equipped with two deep pockets to store anything you may need on your daily adventures. Don’t wait for the next lunar cycle to complete, grab a hold of your new yoga pants right here!

Space isn’t empty, and your wardrobe shouldn’t be either! One thing we’ll say is we hope we didn’t give the impression that you have to have a Ph.D. to appreciate the stars in the sky. There’s a lot of mystery in the skies above and even in the things we take for granted there are some aspects that we still don’t understand, but not everyone needs to ask those questions. There’s just as much value in studying the stars as there is in just stopping for a moment to look up and admire them, to let their light guide your steps and inspire your thoughts.


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