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Now reading: Svaha 2022 Holiday Shopping Guide!

Svaha 2022 Holiday Shopping Guide!

Svaha 2022 Holiday Shopping Guide!

Tis the season for shopping, and whether you’re looking for the next big thing for yourself or trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one, the whole experience doesn’t have to be as stressful as it often is. At the heart of it all, a gift is meant to be a meaningful token of appreciation, and the best ones have a story behind them.

If we happen to be lucky enough to have exactly what you’re looking for, then allow us to make your shopping experience as painless as possible! We’re highlighting our holiday gift bundles for this year and we’ve got some absolute winners this time around.


Colorful Dino Fun

By now it’s surely no secret how we at Svaha feel about dinosaurs. We can’t get enough of them! This complete collection of chromatic creatures is sure to please paleontologist pals a-plenty. Start with the neoprene tote bag, flexible and durable with a removable pouch inside for keeping your most important belongings safe on your daily trek. Walk that path with great confidence while sporting socks printed with dinosaurs made of origami art, and when it’s time to come home, wrap yourself up in an incredibly warm and soft fuzzy blanket featuring glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs. A $90 value, cut down to just $75, absolutely worth the gift of dinosaur friendship!


Space and Beyond

Ever wonder what’s really out there beyond our atmosphere and beyond our land? We sure do. Like, all the time. This is a bundle for the explorer of the stars in your life, be they proven or hopeful. It comes with a faux leather tote bag featuring patches from the many Apollo missions and comes with a separate black pouch for easy access to the most vital of belongings. Included is a pair of socks printed with the explorers of Mars, Perseverance and Ingenuity, and are available in sizes S and L. Wrap it all up with a 100% silk scarf featuring the image on the Mars rover’s parachute which contains a coded message of “Dare Mighty Things.” $115 of value for just $75, you’d need to explore the galaxy to find a better deal than that.


Out of This World

This time we’re taking all the comforts of the stars in our system and bringing them right to your living room. Starting with a notebook featuring a unique design of retro rockets firing, taking a shuttle into space, made with pages thick enough to limit or prevent ink seeping through. Write in comfort with the stellar duo of socks featuring a solar eclipse pattern and a warm throw blanket adorned with glow-in-the-dark constellations. This kind of comfort is best shared with a friend, so don’t forget the celestial buddy of Mars, who looks just as shocked as you at these items! $95 value? How about we just make it $75 instead? Get it while supplies last!


Deep in Space

If you were here for the initial run of our deep field photography garments, then you’re sure to love our new line of accessories featuring images from that wonderful project. The deep field image adorns one of our neoprene tote bags, as spacious as the cosmos themselves and equipped with a separate pouch to keep the stars of your own personal needs. Going a step further, we’ve bundled in a travel bag using the same image, keeping all of your most stellar accessories in one place. You’re not always going to be out though, that’s why we’ve included a four pack of coasters, this time featuring four different images from the Webb telescope findings. Whichever one is your favorite, you just can’t go wrong with this bundle, valued at $100 but priced at just $75.


Calculated in Fashion

Not everyone is a deft hand at mathematics, but the odds state that you most likely know someone who is, and this one is for them! This bundle starts with a 3-pack of cotton socks, printed with various formulae in three separate colors. For a fun change of pace, we also included a stainless steel necklace featuring the symbol for pi. If pi is your thing, then you’ll love the last item in this bundle, a 100% modal scarf featuring a mandala made of pi. This print rewards you for looking deeper, see how many places it lists pi up to! A value of $75 cut down to just $50 equals big savings!


Aquatic Fun

Sure you could have fun in the sun, but we’d rather be free in the sea! Shout out to all the friends and admirers of marine life because this one is coming right down the river towards them. A little utility goes a long way, that’s why this bundle includes a travel bag covered in some of the friendliest creatures, manatees, who are about as easily amused as we are. Bedazzle yourself with a combination of a penguin necklace and earrings made in the shape of coelacanth fish. Finish off your look with one of our newer items, a pair of 100% cotton socks featuring sharks of many sizes. Now that we’ve got you hooked, this bundle valued at $65 is on sale for just $50!


Shopping can be fun as well as just a bit exhausting, but it shouldn’t ever be stressful. If we can help even a little bit then we’re happy to do so. Our whole brand is about raising interest in STEAM subjects, and even if you didn’t see something above that really gripped you, we have a plethora of designs for each subject, printed on dresses, cardigans, skirts, leggings, lounge pants, and much much more! Whether you shop with us or not, we wish you and yours the very best holiday you could possibly have and we can’t wait to see you again next year!


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