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Hair accessories are becoming the new trend setters in fashion statements.

Hair accessories add the third object element to your clothing. Are you familiar with the concept of the “third item”? According to fashion gurus, its easy to match two items of clothing. But, when you add a third item, whether it is a necklace, a scarf, or a hair accessory, it shows that you have made an attempt to dress well. It shows your fashion awareness. We offer a whole bunch of hair accessories to make dressing up a lot easier for you. 

We offer beautiful STEAM themed headbands, and so many space themes pieces of Jewelry. All you have to do is match them up with one of our plain dresses, or with the same theme dress as the headband and you will be all set. Well, if you ask us, why accessories from Svaha, then we would say only one word - Unique. Because you would find science  based prints and patterns, glow in the dark patterns,  science based shapes, ranging for all seasons of the year.

Have a look at some of the finest hair accessories we have on our platform for everyone.

Beakers 3-pack Adults Headbands


Beakers are often used to contain and measure liquids in the field of science. These handy glasswares even come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. No need to overreact, you won’t get these fun headbands mixed up! 

Check out the features of this product which comes with fabric made from 75% cotton and 5% elastane, circumference: 19", (relaxed) and machine-washable.

Check out the beautiful designs that are on offer. Make this yours, by clicking here to add it to your cart.

Moon Phase Hair Clip Barrette


Your hair could use some stardust, beautiful! And what better way to do that than a familiar face...or, in this case, faces! This hair clip featuring 5 phases of the moon ticks all of our boxes and is a lunar lovely! 

The product’s specifications are that it is made of rhodium plated brass and glass, these are individually handcrafted and the particular piece you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured and made in the USA.

Check out various sizes that are there on offer. Make this yours, by clicking here to add it to your cart.

Head to the online website for amazing varieties, choices and even colours.


Go offbeat this Fall season, choose something different, something new in the style books with a multitude of clothing options from Svaha. Refresh your wardrobe with garments that meet everyone’s STEAM wishes, without the weight of gender norms and limited color options weighing you down. We have a massive selection of STEAM products, including topics such as technology themed clothing and engineering themed clothing. We offer a wide variety of product categories from kids dresses, maxi skirts, lounge pants, scarves, socks, sweaters, and so much more!

Find your little girl clothing that has astronauts or race cars, and your little boy clothing that has animal prints or butterflies. Let your relatives wear clothing that showcases youthful prints from their childhood, and find the comfort that you’ve been missing in your life, too.

Help Svaha in our goal to transform the apparel industry by removing the gendered equation from clothes, and letting people dress with no constraints!

So what are you waiting for? Make your family’s wardrobe fun again by grabbing the finest clothing that the STEAM subjects have to offer, only at Svaha USA!

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