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Rebounding from a time of at home meetings and online classes in loungewear, Svaha is fall-ing back into the usual Autumn trends to help you feel more like yourself again! While other retailers focus on bundling you up with outerwear, we aim to brighten up your closet with an array of apparel, offering garments that you’ll be excited to let peek through the warmth of your jacket.

Trends come and go, but Svaha’s Autumn collection is timeless. By carefully tailoring the color palettes of each garment, we strive to offer a large selection of garments that will not only spruce up your wardrobe this season, but will still be chic all year long!

If seasonal sadness normally sinks in around this time of year, perhaps our uplifting Fall prints can grant you a moment of cheer when you need it the most. Pair these prints with our pocketed garments, and you can carry your favorite trinkets with you for an additional mood boost!

As always, we work closely with some of our own customers to craft enjoyable and accurate STEAM-themed designs, so we hope that you’ll have as much fun wearing them as we did in curating them!

Let’s take a look at what is new on Svaha USA this Fall season.

Power Tools Mandala Katherine Dress


An abstract print from afar, but interestingly intricate up close! This design is constructed with jigsaws, circular saws, drills, and sanders, everything you’ll need to begin your next project in. The added pockets act as mini toolboxes, helping you tote around your instruments wherever you voyage. You saw it here, and won’t be able to find anything like it elsewhere!

Dress Specifications: This dress is in a Fit & Flare style, has short sleeves, a scoop v-neckline, pockets, and is tailored with 100% organic cotton. The available color option is a dark navy base with red, green, and beige highlights. This dress is tagless for optimum comfort, is preshrunk, and is machine-washable.

Make this yours by clicking here to select your size and add it to your cart!

Mice Maze Sally Dress


Can the mice find their way to the cheese wedges? Mazes are created in order to study the memory development and spatial skills of these quick-learning critters. While on the matter of mazes, our garments contain such deep pockets that it isn’t out of the norm for customers to frequently lose little items in them!

Dress Specifications: This dress is made in a collared shirtdress style with ¾ length sleeves that can be rolled up & buttoned. A yellow sash is included, but can be removed, as there are no belt loops. It is made from 100% organic cotton, and is screen-printed using eco-friendly and organic dyes. The color option available is a grey and black base with printed yellow mice and cheese. It is tagless for your comfort, preshrunk, and is machine-washable.

Does this a-maze-ing dress squeak to you? Help it find a home by clicking here to add it to your cart! 


Go offbeat this Fall season, choose something different, something new in the style books with a multitude of clothing options from Svaha. Refresh your wardrobe with garments that meet everyone’s STEAM wishes, without the weight of gender norms and limited color options weighing you down. We have a massive selection of STEAM products, including topics such as technology themed clothing, engineering themed clothing. We offer a wide variety of product categories from kids dressesmaxi skirts, lounge pants, scarves, socks, sweaters, and so much more!

Find your little girl clothing that has astronauts or race cars, and your little boy clothing that has animal prints or butterflies. Let your relatives wear clothing that showcases youthful prints from their childhood, and find the comfort that you’ve been missing in your life, too.

Help Svaha in our goal to transform the apparel industry by removing the gendered equation from clothes, and letting people dress with no constraints!

So what are you waiting for? Make your family’s wardrobe fun again by grabbing the finest clothing that the STEAM subjects have to offer, only at Svaha USA!

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