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Now reading: Svaha Diaries Part 1

Svaha Diaries Part 1

Svaha Diaries Part 1

I have been thinking about telling you all more about Svaha. I have been wondering how I can go about doing that. I finally had my second aha! moment (the first one being the story about how Svaha began), and figured, why not use the blog to tell you about your favorite brand? So, here goes. I hope you enjoy reading these posts and all about life at Svaha. 

You have probably read about how Svaha began. But, for those who don't know the story, let me start from the very beginning. In 2014, I had decided to take some time off from my full-time job as the apparel buyer at ThinkGeek. Mom-guilt, and a strong urge to spend more time at home with my babies, made me quit my job and be a full-time mom. During this time, I decided to take my kids to different museums, with the Air and Space museum being the hot favorite among them. This is when my son decided he was going to be a fighter pilot and my daughter decided to be an astronaut. Her favorite stuffed animal was Albert (the first monkey in space), and that ended up being the Svaha Logo. 

I always loved dressing up my kids and bought them all kinds of fun clothing. But, my daughter insisted that I buy her a t-shirt with as astronaut on it. I did try to look for one, but I could not find one. Finally, I bought one for her from the boy's section, and she wore it happily. But, I made it a point not to tell her that it was from the boys section. I didn't want her to feel that only boys are supposed to be astronauts. This also got me thinking that if I am feeling this way, there must be other parents feeling this way too. What if they had a girl who loved chemistry experiments? Would it be easy for them to find a dress or a t-shirt with a chemistry experiment on them?

I decided I was going to do something about it. That winter, during my trip to India, I decided to spend some time drawing out my ideas. I managed to find a freelance designer (in Peru) through my contacts at ThinkGeek, and decided to have him make some designs for me. I then reached out to a screen printer that I worked with while at ThinkGeek, to create the first set of samples. I called all my friends who had young kids, and we created a fun cute video. We then used this video to launch our first kickstarter campaign; this was the beginning of Svaha. We launched our website on a wordpress site, and launched the Svaha Website. 

That's the end of part 1. More coming soon! Hope you enjoyed reading. Please leave comments and let me know if there are any other stories that you want to hear. 


Founder, Svaha USA

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Hi Jaya! Thanks for this, can’t wait to read more SvahaUSA lore 😺 Super happy today, I just got my OhSoSweet dress and a few raglans (Scientific Rex and You Are My Sunshine), perfect timing – albeit cutting it short! – for Valentine’s Day. I want to take a moment to sing your praises; it’s people like you that make the world so much better! Know that you and your team are appreciated beyond belief! Long live Svaha!!!

Catherine St-Louis

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