Warhol Brain Pop Beeswax Paper

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Art meets smarts!

Artist Andy Warhol was most famous for making pop art using images from 20th century Americana, from Campbell’s Soup to Marilyn Monroe! His work with iconic images has inspired us to create pop art using the most iconic organ, the brain! This colorful print is sure to bring a pop of color when storing food!


Product Specifications

  • Warhol Brain Pop beeswax paper (food wrap)
  • Sustainable food storage
  • Beeswax, organic cloth, tree resin and organic jojoba oil
  • 3 different sizes included in the pack: small, medium and large
  • Small size: 7"x8" (18x20cm)
  • Medium size: 10"x11" (25x28cm)
  • Large size: 13"x14" (33x35cm)
  • Seal with the warmth of your hands
  • Wrap cheese, half a lemon, cabbage, bread, or cover a bowl
  • Not suitable for raw meat
  • Hand wash with cold water and organic soap then hang to dry
  • Store food naturally
  • Keep away from heat as it will melt the beeswax
  • Imported

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