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Gold Butterfly Belt

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You’ve heard of migratory birds, but what about migratory insects? Just like other migratory patterns in nature, the monarch butterfly flies north for the summer and south for the winter, spanning a distance of up to nearly 3000 miles, ranging from southeast Canada to the mountainous forests of Mexico. Enjoy their splendor from a safe distance because these fabulous flyers have recently been classified as endangered. If you can think of a way to make their travels easier, then please do so!

Product Specifications

  • Size 3 (M/L):  31", stretches up to 52"  
  • Size 4 (XL-2XL):  38", stretches up to 58"  
  • Size 5 (3XL+): 42", stretches up to 64
  • Sizes are slightly smaller than our other belts
  • 2" width
  • Gold butterfly buckle
  • Elastic Stretchy Waist Belt
  • Color: Black with gold buckle
  • Materials: Faux leather, knitted
  • Buckle is metal 
  • Imported