Phylogenetic Tree Necklace


Branch out!

Imagine if we could walk backwards down the branch of our evolutionary history. We would cross the paths of extinct hominins, meet up with the ancestors of bonobos & chimpanzees, and cross paths with the ancestors of dinosaurs, sea creatures, insects, and plants. The end of the path, you would converge upon the single-celled, common ancestors from which all life as we know it originated.

Darwin popularized the notion of the evolutionary tree in The Origin of Species. To this day, we use these branched diagrams to depict the evolutionary relationships of species based on similar characteristics. This necklace shows the intricate beauty of the phylogenetic tree. It's the perfect gift for teachers, biologists, and all evolution enthusiasts!

Product Specifications

  • 1X Golden Phylogenetic Tree necklace 
  • Pendant: 1.15"
  • Chain Material: Silver finish with lobster claw clasp
  • Chain Size: 20"
  • Imported

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