Plant and Animal Cell Earrings

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Get a closer look at what we’re all made of! Animal cells are eukaryotic and consist of many little organelles, nuclei and ribosomes, and such. The size and shape and function of each cell varies throughout the body of the animal, humans for instance having hundreds of different functional kinds of cell, totalling in the trillions. Nobody ever said breaking our composition down into smaller parts would simplify anything, in fact it seems to grow more and more complex!

Product Specifications

  • Jabebo Studio Plant and Animal Cell mismatched design dangle hook earrings
  • The base material is made from cereal box cardboard (how cool is that?)
  • Made from surgical steel earring hangers
  • Cereal boxes are sourced locally
  • Color: Multicolored, mismatched earrings
  • Made in the US at the Jabebo Studio


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