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Now reading: Svaha Diaries Part 3

Svaha Diaries Part 3

Svaha Diaries Part 3

New adventures! 

After our first shipment of t-shirts, we decided to add dresses, long sleeve t-shirts, and some under garments too! The idea about undergarments came from trying to find dinosaur themed underwear for girls. Do you think they are easy to find? Absolutely not! So, we decided to make them. Do remember, at this time, we had all our products in our basement. It was a little tricky at times to manage, but, it was the most inexpensive way to manage. 

As we started getting comfortable selling kids clothing and slowly started getting a lot more new customers, we also started having our customers reach out to ask for more. The most common request: "Please make these clothes for adults. We can never find Science themed products either!" So, our "STEAM Angels" kickstarter campaign was born. 

This time, we created one design in each of the STEAM areas, and did our photoshoot and created the video in my house. We reached out to press, bloggers, and everyone we possibly could to promote the kickstarter even before it began. The campaign was finally launched! Here is a link to the video. We were so excited to introduce our adult clothing line. The campaign was funded in just about two days! People loved the clothes. We ended up raising way more money than we had aimed for. 

I often get asked as to what made me want to add pockets to the clothing. My answer usually is this: It was never really something I gave too much of a thought to. It was something that I thought was obvious. Dresses need pockets. Why is that such a big deal? It is a basic requirement and it should not be so difficult to make. So, I just had pockets in all the dresses we made. 

The kickstarter campaign was an amazing experience. After we were funded, we added the constellation dress as a stretch goal. Can you believe that? Its the only dress that we started the adult clothing line with and it still is one of our best selling dresses. We are finally bringing it in new dress styles next month. 

To be continued....

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