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Now reading: Svaha Diaries Part 4

Svaha Diaries Part 4

Svaha Diaries Part 4

Need more space!!!

With kids clothing, we never really lacked space as it easily fit in one room of my business partner's house. But, when we got the first order of our adult clothing, we very quickly outgrew the space. We then occupied the garage and started keeping all the boxes there. Luckily, this was spring/summer time and it was not too uncomfortable working from the garage. The two of us got all the boxes, counted them, and slowly started shipping out the kickstarter orders. We had over 600 orders, and it was not very easy to keep track of all the combination of dresses that had been ordered and shipped. We did manage to ship everything out with very few errors. We had an issue with one of the dresses where the print quality was not up to our standards, and we had to ask our factory to reship the dress. This caused a little delay, but I have now gotten used to these things and my factories have definitely gotten better. 

We started adding more products like baby bodysuits, more kids dresses and t-shirts and also more adult dresses. We had our ups and downs, but one thing we realized was that we had to do our research well before creating any design.

Speaking of goof-ups, we made baby bodysuit with XX and XY chromosomes. We got so much backlash for it. We were only thinking that it would be cool to make a chromosome bodysuit, without realizing that we were doing exactly opposite of the "getting rid of stereotyping" that we had set out for. We try hard to research a lot more now than before. Goof-ups still happen, but not that often. :-) 

Things had slowly started settling down, when March for Science happened, and we decided to partner with them to donate a part of our sales dollars to them. We had no idea what was about to happen! Our products went viral. Dresses started flying off the shelves and for the first time in a year since we had started, our shelves were empty. We sold out of pretty much everything we had. We tried our best to reorder everything and we still could not keep everything in stock. Our company grew by 250%. More people starting learning about the brand and loving us. 

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