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Now reading: Svaha Diaries Part 5

Svaha Diaries Part 5

Svaha Diaries Part 5

New warehouse, new problems..

Running a business is never easy. After we ran out of space at home (which is a good problem to have), a warehouse needed to be found very quickly. The business was getting really big, and just two people handling it was becoming very difficult. This is when we decided to bring in an employee. We hired our first employee who had been my babysitter for the past five years. I knew her well and trusted her. Luckily, she had just graduated, and was looking for a full time job. That's how we got our first employee in 2017. 

We were still loading our cars with boxes, and hauling them home to bring them to our warehouse setup. One morning, when we found out that our shipment had arrived, my son was sick, so I had to take him to the doctor for a quick trip before picking up the shipment. This time, I would have to take my kids with me to the cargo unit as my husband was out of the country for work. During that "quick" trip the doctor's office, my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, and I was asked to immediately drive to the ER. On the way to the ER, I made a phone call to my then business partner, to let her know that I would not be picking up the shipment. Thankfully, she was able to take care of it. The next year, I was in and out of the hospitals and doing all the work from home/hospital. 

I did not let the business suffer at all and was able to in fact grow the business a LOT. I was able to go look at warehouses and move the business to the new professional location. I also added many new categories of products to our offerings. We added jewelry, more scarves, baby products, all in the same year. One of our best selling products in 2017 was our Solar eclipse collection. People loved the collection and it sold like crazy! We also launched our first sleepwear collection this year, and did our first fundraiser for childhood cancer research. 

Until next time ......

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