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(Pre-order) Musical Instruments Baby Bodysuit

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Sale price$12.99 USD

This onesie is expected to ship by the end of April, though delays may occur. If you add this onesie to your cart with other items, your entire order will ship once the pre-order item arrives.

Dive into the world of music and rhythm with this vibrant design featuring an eclectic array of musical instruments. From soaring guitars to tinkling pianos, this collection celebrates the diversity and beauty of musical expression. Tune into style and let your love for music shine with this harmonious design today!

Pre-orders are not eligible for any sales or discounts. 

Product Specifications 

  • Baby bodysuit 
  • Features expandable shoulders to easily change squirmy babies.
  • Button snapped bottom + stretchy fabric = easy diaper changes!
  • Made from 100% organic cotton, high-quality fabric
  • Manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes.
  • White with musical instruments Design
  • Tagless
  • Preshrunk
  • Machine-washable
  • Imported