24 Dresses With Pockets You Can’t Go Without This Summer

 The sun is in the sky longer, the nights are nice and mild, and there are bees everywhere. As we go into the warmer months, you’ll no doubt be looking for new and exciting outfits to really grab a hold of the nicer days when they come around.

Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered for your STEAM-themed dressy needs. Plenty of new designs have rolled in just in time to supplement some of our more regular garments and all of them will suit you just fine. We went ahead and listed some of our favorites that we think will suit you just perfectly, so take a look below and find the perfect fit for you, there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

Mythical Beasts

Some of the oldest stories in the world grace one of our newest dresses. Wear their power and ferocity on the outside to reflect the creature of legend you feel like within! This 100% cotton dress has short sleeves, a v-neck, and a circle skirt made for twirling, complete with deep pockets to keep a veritable horde in! See if there’s truth to the myths right here.

Monochrome "Rachel" Style Dresses

Sometimes the simple things can be the most elegant. Picking the right color to fit your mood and style can go a shockingly long way, and we’ve got the tools to help you! Our Rachel style of dress is known for its short sleeves and circle skirt for a playful and breathtaking look. With large pockets to fit your keys, wallet, phone, or even just your hands when you’re not using them, these dresses come in shades reminiscent of methylene, chlorophyll, onyx, and ultraviolet.

Origami Dinos

Some things sound good on paper, others look good IN paper, and we’re confident that we’ve struck the right balance here. Our favorite prehistoric pals are back and all folded up into an adorable pattern! This is another one of our Rachel styles so if you like short sleeves and a twirly skirt with deep pockets, then this is the perfect dress for you. Fold yourself into cute comfort here!


Beat the heat this summer with the undisputed emperors of keeping it cool. Show your unflappable spirit with these flightless friends, a pattern cold as ice yet heartwarming all the same. This 100% cotton dress is in our Rosalind style, a fit and flare dress with a v-neck and, of course, deep pockets to hold whatever you may need to bring along with you. Find your little piece of the Antarctic right here.

Caged Bird

It’s hard to beat clothing that both looks wonderful and also carries a message with it. This print inspired by Maya Angelou speaks of a bird in a cage, singing for freedom of the trials and tribulations it faces. We’re all for speaking up for what matters and feeling comfortable while you do it! This dress in our Parks style sports a collar and a circle skirt for twirling or just for dancing on the breeze and as always it has roomy pockets for your everyday needs. Sing your song and pick up this dress here!


These segmented arthropods have helped paleontologists more accurately date fossils and samples throughout history thanks to their rapid evolution, and we think they deserve more love than they get! These sassy swimmers bedazzle one of our Rosalind style fit-and-flare dresses, with ¾ sleeves and a tidy but comfortable skirt and, of course, pockets! Check these little ones out right here.

Islands of Treasure

Set sail for adventure! We’ve all had fantasies of sailing the seas, following a map to some lost island and breaking ground where X marks the spot, unearthing great mysterious treasures. We say the journey is the real treasure, and that’s what we went for with this Rachel style dress. Short sleeves, a circle skirt, and a burgundy belt adorn this fun and adventurous dress, and you can find it right here -> X

Pi Mandala

How many places can you name? If you look closely at the pattern of this mandala dress, you’ll find a lot of little references hidden among the design. Whether you know 2 or 200 places, we’re certain this is a dress to impress the mathematician in you. With short sleeves and a circle skirt for twirling, you’ll be comfortable at both work and play this summer, and you can get it right here!

Mothers of Invention

Celebrate the women across the ages whose creations have improved and shaped the way we  live our lives to this day! We put some of our favorites on this Katherine style dress which serves as both a flattering and informative fashion statement. Short sleeves, a modest yet comfortable skirt, and an uninterrupted pattern are what you can expect with this garment, complete with pockets for all your needs. Find this tribute to these marvelous ladies here!

Books on Books

Nothing beats a good book! Well, maybe a good book outside in warm weather. Well, maybe a good book outside in warm weather in a dress covered in books? We certainly think so, anyways. This fit-and-flare dress has short sleeves and no waist seam for contiguous, uninterrupted literature. Pockets big enough perhaps for a paperback to bring with you wherever you go, this is certainly one you’ll want to add to your library!


More and more women are entering STEAM fields with each generation and we couldn’t be prouder or happier with the progress being made. Every field of study is made better by the addition of new minds and new viewpoints and we celebrate that fact with this print. This short-sleeve fit-and-flare dress comes equipped as always with deep pockets for someone on-the-go. No need to wait any longer, the future and this dress are waiting for you!

Tree of Life

Many believe that all life is connected through one cyclical flow, and there’s no more surefire way to feel that than by being out in the world, taking part in its bounty and grace. The roots of the Tree of Life spread across all the world, and here’s a dress we hope symbolizes that. This short-sleeve fit-and-flare dress gives you plenty of room to move around comfortably, and a generous amount of pocket space to keep your necessities close. Branch out into new fashion here!


The stars above have guided many across the ages and now they find themselves lighting up the next dress to find its way into your wardrobe. Quite possibly the best dress for the warmer outdoor months because after gallivanting about in the sun, you can come back in and light up the night. That’s right, this dress is glow-in-the-dark! Whether you prefer flowy circle skirts or more reserved fit-and-flare dresses, we’ve got you covered since this one is available in both Rachel and Katherine styles.

Dinos in Space

I’m sure it’s no secret that we love our dinosaurs here at Svaha and we, like Karen Nyberg, are eager to share that love with the whole universe! Inspired by the aforementioned astronaut’s creation, these dinos are on an expedition into the great unknown, and they want to bring you along. This is a fit-and-flare dress with short sleeves, a scooped v-neck, and of course deep pockets to assist you on your voyage. Set off with your friends and find what’s out there!


A phenomena with various manifestations, Synesthesia is what it’s called when you experience one sense through another such as hearing music but seeing shapes and colors in response. It’s not always pleasant, but none can deny that synesthetes see the world in a very different way than most, so this one goes out to them! This colorful dress has ¾ sleeves in our Katherine fit, for those who like a little more coverage while still wearing a dress that’s lightweight during the warmer months. You can hear all about it right here!


Okay, so maybe the movies got the size of velociraptors a little bit wrong. Maybe they’re too short to open doors because they’re really just the size of turkeys. That doesn’t make them any less ferocious! We love these anklebiters and we’re sure you will too. These feathered fighters adorn one of our Rosalind dresses featuring a fit-and-flare look with short sleeves and a v-neck. Plenty of pocket space for your hands or your necessities so pick this one up before it goes extinct!

Story Circle

Gather round and share your tales with some close friends. Summer nights are for sitting around bonfires with your best buds, talking the hours away with tasty treats and good vibes. Whether the stories are your own or some from your favorite books, that’s up to you but that’s the feel this dress went for. The fit-and-flare Katherine style features lightweight fabric with short sleeves and a skirt that is roomy without being too much. Pick this one up for your next gathering right here!

Science Mosaic

Science comprises myriad studies and fields, and many of those come together in this print to form a mosaic in homage to them all. Playful by intelligent design, we made this dress in our Rita design, so you can expect a flattering sleeveless look with a circle skirt meant for fun and flowing motion at work or at play. Complete with deep pockets to carry whatever you need, this dress has it all to keep you going during the summer months, and you can find it right here!


Ever notice how some words sound just like other words? That’s a homophone! Common examples being there, their and they’re, or two, to and too, etc. This dress is not only supremely comfortable, but it serves as a great conversation starter when you’re out there meeting new friends this summer. This Rosalind style dress has short sleeves, a v-neck, and is made of 100% cotton, all while being lightweight and flexible. Find your perfect way to start your summer with us here!


Every day is a new adventure, whether out and about or with your friends at the gaming table. Sometimes you just want to sit down, gather up some dice, and let your mind just wander for a while, riding the backs of dragons and chasing down master thieves. This dress is for those who leave their fate up to the roll of a die. With it’s fit-and-flare style, short sleeves, and deep pockets to hold your dice and minis, this dress is perfect for time spent around the table, or even out on your real world adventures. You don’t need to fight a dragon for this treasure though, we’ve got it for you here!


As the days and weeks go on, we cycle in new products all the time, but though we’ve had this one for a while we just know it’s the right time of year to put it in plain view once more!  For the cyclist in your life, this playful print covers a fully cotton dress with short sleeves and a big twirly skirt with plenty of room for movement. Speaking of room, you know it comes with two deep pockets to hold all of your necessities. Hop on and pedal your way into a new fashion here.

Chameleons in the Palms

One of our newer designs features a favorite among the crew at Svaha, the chameleon! If you don’t see them at first glance, that’s because these chameleons are very good at what they do but if you take the time to look closer and really appreciate them, you’ll be rewarded with one of the cutest creatures on this planet. Our Rita style dresses are sleeveless with big twirly circle skirts and pockets for these scaly friends to ride in if you so wish. Find this dress camouflaged right here!

Mice Maze

If neutral tones are more your thing, we’ve got you covered here! This dress is printed with a maze pattern all over and if you look closely, you’ll find little mice hard at work, trying to find their prize. This one is made in our Sally style, so you can look forward to ¾ length sleeves that can be easily rolled up, as well as buttons down the front, perfect for those who may not like to pull their dress over their heads or step into it. Find the prize at the end of your maze here!

Cogs & Sprockets

Gear up for summer with this print featuring some of the more common machinery used in engineering! These little gadgets are responsible for keeping wheels turning and keeping the whole machine moving, and every single cog on the wheel is as important as the others. This Rachel style dress sports short sleeves, a belt, and a twirly circle skirt so feel free to spin around like the namesake of this dress! Find the cog to fit into your personal machine right here.

As we mentioned, we’re always getting new products in and cycling out older ones, so be sure to check back on the page from time to time to see the hot new designs we’ve got. Everyone should be able to show off their quirks and interests and feel comfortable while they do it, and we want to help get you there. Get out there, let loose, and really make the most of this crazy world we’re in!


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