MakerGirl - 3D Printing to Inspire!

When ambitious women get together to attempt to change the world, amazing things happen. This is exemplified by the absolutely awesome women behind MakerGirl. Their initiative is so ambitious & inspiring that it just fills us with warm fuzzies.

MakerGirl consists of a team of students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They saw the lack of women in STEM fields as a major problem and decided to do something about it! They came up with the idea for MakerGirl as a way to empower girls and get them excited about STEM. They began facilitating sessions to let girls, ages 7-10, design their own creations and bring them to life using 3D printers. Their initiative has been a huge success. They have hosted almost 500 girls & taught them all the “can do” philosophy that defines MakerGirl. girls creating in MakerGirl sessionsMakerGirl 3D printing session[/caption]   MakerGirl has a huge challenge ahead of them. Though they have inspired girls in the Chicago area, they want to be able to bring their unique brand of STEM education to rural areas. There are a lot of places in the US where girls have fewer opportunities and MakerGirl wants to change that! We especially love this initiative, as 3D printing combines STEM with Art! #FullSTEAMAhead

We encourage you to support the MakerGirl campaign. This is a truly remarkable team of women who wants to bring opportunities to the girls who need it most. If you want to encourage the next generation of STEM leaders, please contribute to the MakerGirl Kickstarter or donate directly on their website!

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