The 19 Best Leggings with Pockets (2022)

When it comes to casual wear, it’s hard to go wrong with a good pair of leggings. Sure, you might have a whole rack of jeans in your closet (we do too) but denim isn't always the kindest material and when it comes to feeling your most comfy there’s just no comparison, it's leggings all the way. There is of course the question of utility. Leggings look great but jeans have pockets and sometimes you just don’t want to have to bring a whole bag of stuff around with you, right? Right! So we, like many others, have combined the best of both worlds and put pockets on our leggings.

Get that soft and gentle feel of cotton or polyester against your skin while carrying your keys, phone, wallet, or anything else you might need to bring with you, hands free! Who says you can’t wear something flattering AND functional? Not us, that’s for sure. We put together a list of our best leggings and yoga pants with pockets to see you through your everyday needs.


Our most popular design by far, surely a sign from the heavens that these leggings are meant for you. Inspired by Margaret Geller who mapped the universe as we know it, these cotton leggings display various constellations against a pitch-black sky, with perhaps two black holes serving as pockets to store your keys, phones, wallets, or extra dimensions. Shut off the lights and let the stars guide your way because these leggings glow in the dark! Own the skies at just $40 and find your perfect fit right here!


Cretaceous and bodacious! Shaded purple ceratopsidae adorn these super comfy cotton leggings and are sure to make you the envy of the park, Jurassic or otherwise! Big dinos call for big pockets and you won’t be disappointed as these will easily handle a large smartphone or any number of other things you need to go about your day. At just $40 there’s no better time to give them a try, get 'em before they go extinct!

Crabby Pants

Get you some leggings that’ll always be there for you in a pinch! Whether you’re feeling fine or just a little snippy, these super soft polyester leggings are sure to tide you over. With a generous waistband, eco-friendly organic dyes and two unfathomably deep pockets, these leggings are the whole package of comfort and function that you need in your everyday dealings at just $40. Claw your way into cool crustacean fashion today!

Almond Blossoms

Step into these leggings inspired by one of Vincent van Gogh’s works, “Almond Blossoms.” Said to represent bravery, courage, purity, hope, and love, these leggings have a soft feel and a quiet dignity to them, backed up by a metaphorical and literal strength as they can stretch to fit you in a comfortable and flattering way. Made of high quality polyester and ethical eco-friendly dyes, for just $40 these leggings are sure to please. Shop to find the right fit for you here!

Retro Rainbow

Step into a whole spectrum of color with this throwback rainbow design that makes you think of 8-tracks, tube socks, roller derbies and shag carpets! These bright and colorful leggings sport a spacious pocket on both sides, and won’t break the bank either at the affordable price of $40. Shop for your rainbow fit here!

Thunder of Dragons

That wasn’t lightning cracking the sky, that’s the furious beat of wings coming to join your wardrobe! A thunder is what you’d call a group of dragons, and what better to armor yourself with on your day-to-day? These leggings are made from 100% organic cotton with deep functional pockets on either side giving you plenty of room for your phone or the keys to your castle, and all at the low cost of 40 gold pieces. Rule the skies by the might of your thighs!

Marine Life

Ascidiae might be one of the smaller forms of marine life, but they’re tough little critters! They’re known for and protected by a strong outer tunic making it difficult to prey upon them, and these Haeckel-inspired leggings can similarly handle the toughest of days. Made from soft, smooth, high quality polyester and spandex, these leggings will fit your form in a perfectly flattering fashion, equipped as always with two deep pockets that comfortably and securely hold essentials like keys or phones without the danger of them falling out on you. Just $40 to armor up and brave the waters of a brand new day!

Insect Argyle

Great things come in small packages, and we think insects get a bad rap for being annoying pests when they can be as wonderful and personable as anyone else! Check out these harlequin patterned leggings featuring some of our favorite oft-unseen hard-working insects! Don’t let their hard shells fool you though, these leggings are super soft and stretchy so you’ll be comfortable no matter how you wear them. Join these little friends in hiding great things inside with the deep and spacious pockets our leggings have, sure to keep everything safe and secure within. You won’t be shelling out too much at just $40 but you’ll certainly be shelled up and ready to take on the big bright world!


You’re gonna need a bigger closet! These fantastic finned and fearsome fish fit fine on fabrics forever, and we’re certain they’ll frame you just swimmingly. These black cotton leggings sport pockets whose depth rivals the home of these blue and green denizens of the ocean. Soft fabric and no tags mean you’ll be comfortable in any configuration, and at just $40 you can see if sharks are the fit for you right away!

Space Race

The Space Race was a wild time for everyone involved, but nobody can deny the positive impact it had on the advancement of science, technology, and engineering which is just music to our ears. These blue cotton leggings with pockets are printed with patterns of spaceships in flight between the Earth and the moon. Space is big and empty, just like the pockets you’ll find on either hip! Just $40 for an out-of-this-world look and it can be yours right here!

Athletic Fit Color Variety

We may be known for our patterned clothing but don’t sleep on these leggings! Sleeping in them is fine though. These cotton leggings sport a high waist for a snug and comfortable fit and are reasonably stretchy to accommodate any shape in any size! Deep pockets on either side capable of holding your belongings securely, all for just $35. Find the right fit for you in black, emerald green, or granite gray!

Dream Big

We teamed up with Rebel Girls to bring you these leggings featuring planets and other stellar bodies. Even if you can’t see them, great and wonderful things are out there just waiting to be seen and seized! Enjoy the comfy blue cotton with colorful planetoids speckling the full length of these leggings, and of course there are two spacious pockets for your use! These can be yours for $40, dream big and chase down the wildest bits of your imagination!


Some say ladybugs are a sign of good luck, if only there was a way to bring that luck with you everywhere you go. Oh wait, there is! Not only can you increase your luck, you can increase your comfort and your carrying capacity to boot. These soft and smooth polyester and spandex leggings sport a generous waistband for maximum comfort, and like all of our leggings they come with two deep pockets to fit most of the things you’ll need on-the-go without fear of them falling out and only for $40. Make your own luck today!

World of Egg

May we offer you an egg in this trying time? How about a whole bunch of them? When it comes to value and versatility, there’s really no beating the good ol’ shelled wonder that is the egg. We think these leggings come pretty close though! We whipped up these super soft, super smooth leggings that will give your whole body a comforting tactile sensation with deep pockets to securely store almost anything you’ll need to keep on hand. They won’t scramble your wallet at $40 so hop on over to our shop and embrace your sunny side today!

¾ Athletic Fit Leggings

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things. These ¾ length cotton leggings are made with organic eco-friendly dyes. The high-waisted athletic fit sits snugly against you for unparalleled comfort and versatility. The pockets as always are deep enough for a phone and ride down by the thigh to secure their contents regardless of your position. A steal at only $25, these come in royal blue, green, or black.

Sea Urchin

Variety is the spice of life, and few creatures on this planet took that to heart as strongly as sea urchins. Somewhere around 950 species of Sea Urchin can be found across various depths of the sea and we tried our best to get a good handful of these spiny little creatures in one place! While the urchins themselves might be spiny and coarse, we promise the leggings are quite to the contrary. The high quality polyester gives a smooth feel to the touch and the little bit of spandex makes it so that the fabric stretches and fits you in the most comfortable and flattering ways. As always, our leggings are fitted with two deep and spacious pockets for your convenience. These only cost $40 and they’re a great way to bring one of the ocean’s most diverse creatures above the surface, find your new friends here!


Nebulae come in all kinds of color and hold particles and elements found throughout the whole universe within them, they’re a truly beautiful marvel and honestly, we think you are too! Everyone deserves to feel that way, just like we think they deserve to feel comfortable. Step into these high-quality polyester leggings, made with a dash of spandex to give them just enough stretch to fit your every curve perfectly, with the added bonus of making them real easy to get in and out of. Two deep pockets sit on either side, big enough to store and secure almost anything you could think of needing to keep on hand. This little corner of the universe can be yours for just $40 and you can find them right here without having to get in a starship.


Spiny or prickly on the outside but soft and squishy on the inside. Know anyone like that? We do too, but we’re actually just talking about succulents! These plants display some truly wonderful properties and have a beauty all their own, even if some people struggle to see past the spines. These succulent-laden leggings are as soft as a cactus’ insides and as pretty as their roses, with a polyester-spandex blend that makes them comfy and stretchy and easy to wear or remove. With a price tag of only $40 you surely won’t feel a painful sting at this checkout. Even if you can’t always disarm, we know you’re beautiful and we want to help you feel it too!


The coconut octopus, or amphioctopus marginatus, is one of the more curious cephalopods of the ocean that uses bivalve and coconut shells for shelter. Something you have in common with it is that both use bipedal means of locomotion, so when you wear these leggings you’re walking along with new friends! These soft and stretchy leggings will fit you in all the right places putting you at your most comfy. Deep pockets ensure you can store your keys, phone, wallet, or coconut shells if that’s your thing without having to worry about losing any of them by jostling too much. Only $40 to dress this smart is a pretty great deal if you ask us, and we’d be thrilled to get you there!


Making clothes that embody all the things we love about the fields in STEAM is something of a passion of ours. When we first started out we were invested in helping make sure that kids didn’t have their interests decided for them by typical clothing companies adhering to traditional gender roles, but it has since evolved into something bigger. Everyone should be able to proudly display the things they’re passionate about, wherever and whatever they are, and they should be comfortable while they do it. If our place is to make comfy clothing for math and science nerds then we’re proud to occupy that space!

We rotate out styles every now and again when old stock sells out and new stock rolls in so be sure to come back to this page once in a while and see if there’s anything new. We’ll be right here, geeking out over the latest and greatest in legging designs and we’d be thrilled to have you join us!

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