March 21st Is World Poetry Day! Celebrate With Us!

World Poetry Day is on March 21st, and the goal of this day is to promote writing, reading, and a love for poetry! This day goes hand in hand with our company since we aim to break gender stereotypes and empower women and girls, especially through STEAM. Poetry falls under the art category of STEAM, making this day even more special! 

Although poetry is written in all languages, it unites people as it reminds individuals that everyone shares similar thoughts and feelings. Poems can be lighthearted and funny to serious and solemn, which is the beauty of it… you get to choose the purpose and tone of your message! There are all different kinds of poems, such as sonnets, haiku, and ballads, making poetry very diverse and individualistic. Poetry truly can bring people together and crack open the creative realm of the human mind.

We have some awesome clothing that would be perfect to celebrate this day. Check out the items below!

Shut Me Up In Prose Sally Dress: “They shut me up in Prose” is a poem that breaks metaphorical locks! In this writing, Emily Dickinson expresses her resentment of the conformity that was often imposed on women writers of prose at the time, claiming that she could be caged, but her words would never remain silent. Allow your creative voice to be both seen and heard in this dress that honors her rebellion!

They Shut Me Up In Prose Sally Dress

 Sonnet 18 Curie Dress and Sonnet 18 Infinity Scarf: One of the most famous poems is the Sonnet 18. Written by William Shakespeare, it has a theme about timelessness, the stability of love and art with its power to immortalize, and the nature of beauty. This print provides a great way to express oneself through language.

Sonnet 18 Curie DressSonnet 18 Infinity Scarf With Pockets

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