We use real women as our models, because our customers are real women!

We get very frequent feedback from you all, and we love it! One of the things that we often get praised for is our choice of models. Our goal is to make awesome, geeky clothes for real women. Professional models are "perfect" looking, and we think they are great for some companies, but that is just not our cup of tea. Our clothing line is so special to us and we want to make awesome clothes that women feel fabulous wearing.

So, where do our models come from? Mostly, they are our friends. Many of them are women in science and tech fields. Others are moms who love the messaging of our clothes for themselves and their children. We look for amazing women who we think will help bring our clothes to life so you can picture how you would look in a Svaha product. We think that real-looking women are much more gorgeous than airbrushed photos of supermodels! 

For all the people who have reached out to compliment us, thank you for recognizing what we are trying to accomplish! Our goal is to spread a body-positive message and help provide clothes that make all women feel smart and beautiful. We want you to feel confident buying from us, so we think that using our real-looking women to represent our brand is right move. With that said, we are looking for some plus sized models. If you live in Northern VA and would like to be a Svaha model, please reach out to us (info@svahausa.com)!

P.S. Today we had a particularly funny photoshoot for our new products (coming on Monday! Woohoo!). Our gorgeous model is also a mom of two. While trying to look sultry for her photo, her toddler decided it was mommy time! We noticed this hilarious photo while going through the final images! With all of the work the Svaha founders do with their kids in their laps, we thought this was the perfect photo to show what our brand is all about!

DNA cardigan funny

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